Saturday, May 14, 2011

Installing a gate spring

Our house has a gate on the right side of the house, and the gate has a tendency to open itself and bang all night. Time for installing a spring that keeps the gate closed.

I bought the gate spring at Home Depot and followed the instructions which are very straightforward. First I had to clean all the spider webs and kill some really big spiders, this is a gate we don't use so all the spiders in the neighborhood are squatting in here.

Once the area was clean, I marked the holes with a pencil using the spring as a template, then drilled four 7/64 holes. To finish the installation, I screwed the spring to both the jam and door, like this:

Screwing the gate spring

Once finished, one can adjust the tension by screwing the nut in the top of the spring:

Adjusting spring tension

Once adjusted, the door stays closed all the time. Nice improvement for $10.

Final look of spring from inside

The spring is on the inside so it does not compromise the house's curb appeal. Actually I might buy another one for the other gate on the left side.

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